June 30, 2015

Share the Covers--Every Breath You Take

On Saturday morning directly after staying up into the wee hours of the morning hanging out with my favorite people in the world, nearly all of those favorite people in the world caravaned out to Kaden's 9:00 a.m. baseball game.  We were up until 2, then Reilly woke up at 5.  Then we had to lave the house at 8:30 for the game.

Here's the great thing about being a mom though--you're used to it.  And somehow even though you are hungover on your maybe three cocktails and running on no sleep, you can effectively clean up the mess from the night before, do a load or two of dishes and make 40+ homemade doughnuts and doughnut holes before you even head out the door.

Sure, we were all tired.  We were all hungover.  None of us had showered and we were all wearing raggedy clothes.  The house was messy, at best.  But the coffee was brewed, the kids were having the time of their lives and our 8 house guests were excellent help and company.

I am constantly amazed at the lovely and loving people that I have in my life.  It is weekends like this where I feel truly blessed.  Blessed in the mess and the noise and the chaos and the dirty towels and footprints on the floor and the giggles.

Striped Shorts and Blazer-Banana Republic, thrifted
Mint Hat Printed Top-Forever 21, thrifted
Heels-Forever 21


June 29, 2015

Make it Work Monday #17

I wish I knew who this young lady* was so that I could credit to her for this lovely outfit.  I couldn't help but repeat it because this dress was thrifted by me probably a year or so ago, but I could only now just fit into it.  I am stoked because I fell in love with it immediately.

*EDIT--I have found the name of this lovely lady.  Her name is Sammi (ironic enough also my sister's name of whom I am speaking of in this post!) and her blog is The Soubrette Brunette.

Our weekend was quite full and while it was full of a bunch of fun stuff, we were stuffed from Friday to . . .  well now.  On Friday night my cousin, mom and brother in law threw my sister a surprise birthday party.  It was so great!

I talk to my sister in some form almost everyday.  It was really hard to keep the secret.  And by nature I am horrible at keeping secrets--even by accident--because I have Accidental Big Mouth Syndrome.  One of my sister's favorite stories about this is when my sister, brother and I bought my mother Mother's Day gifts with our own money and wrapped them up all ourselves and I handed them to my mom and told her "The earrings are from me, the scissors are from Sammie."  

We chose a Hawaiian theme because of one year when my sister and cousin accidentally celebrated the first day of Spirit Week at school (tropical theme) a week early and they showed up at school in grass skirts and coconut bras and floral print and flip flops . . . and everyone thought that they were kind of ridiculous.  In true fashion, they thought it was hilarious. 

So after the Rob Thomas concert was cancelled as Rob Thomas was supposed to come on (which makes this story even funnier) and she thought that none of us were available to see her on her birthday, I was able to control my mouth for once and we were able to really surprise my sister.  She said it was the best birthday that she ever had!

Plaid Dress-thrifted
Straw Hat-vintage
Pink Boat Shoes-thrifted
Pearl Earrings-gifted by Patrick from Qatar

June 26, 2015

Mission #60, Day 5

Well folks.  We did it.  Five items from the closet dressed up in five ways.  I for one totally recommend this challenge.  It sparks creativity, yes, but it also gives you an appreciation for your closet.  And that is immeasurable--especially when you are on a shopping ban.

On that note, I have been really good.  The shopping ban has been in effect for almost a month and I have been clean of buying anything at all clothing related.  It feels good, actually, and I have barely been tempted at all.  (Not totally clear of temptation but I've been pretty good.)

I do have a very healthy wish list going for when I am no longer on my shopping ban, though.  That list includes white pumps, mint pumps, these adorable off the shoulder dresses and tops that everyone has now, a black romper and suspender dresses (why are you just coming out now, suspender dress?  why??????).

And I've been able to use the money that I was using for clothes in other ways.  I got to get Patrick a few really cool Father's Day gifts.  I got to buy a juice cleanse (I'll be following up on that next week).  And I got to take my kids on a few ice cream dates.

In all honesty, I could probably prolong this shopping ban to the end of the year.  And I might--depending on how I feel when summer is over.  The urge to shop for clothes hasn't really been there so much and I really feel good about using the clothes that I currently have that have gotten neglected over new purchases.

If 5 pieces of clothes can make these 5 outfits . . . then imagine what my entire closet can do!  What if I made it to a year without shopping?  That would be amazing in all honesty, though perhaps a bit unrealistic.

For now I will just channel my energy into the present time.  For now I am trying really hard to already discipline myself for the Vegas trip next month.  Especially since my mother booked a hotel right by a huge mall.  How thoughtful of her . . .

Black Joggers-Nordstrom
Red and White Striped Dress-Milly for Kohls
Leopard Slides-Target
Necklace-Charming Charlie's
Diamond Stud Earrings-gifted
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