January 18, 2017

Wordy Wednesday--Feminism

This Friday I am going into mourning, but this Saturday I'll be marching at the Women's March in Denver.  I don't want to go too much into politics (to be clear it's not because I'm afraid of creating a riff on my blog--I will openly tell people I voted for Hilary and despise Trump, but I am simply sick to my stomach with the thought of it), but I will say that I have never felt more strength as a female as I do now.  And so, here are some quotes on feminism to fit the mood.




Dress-Hot Topic
Bag-Bebe, gifted

January 17, 2017

Share the Covers--Boulevard of Broken Dreams

This song seems sadly appropriate for this week's inevitable and horrifying ending on January 20.  Here is the original by Green Day . . .

And here is a bad ass metal cover by Music is Dead . . .


Corduorys-J. Crew, thrifted
Tank-Forever 21
Bag-Bebe, gifted
Choker-SOL Theory

January 16, 2017

Make it Work Monday #56

Eat Wear Pray Love is a fellow Colorado blogger.  I have not met her in person, but her blog and style are just lovely.   She's a fellow curly-haired dame and you know that often will win my heart.  I chose this look to copy because it is classic with some fun twists (i.e. patterned tights).  Lately I've been all about turtlenecks, so this worked out.

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